All Types of Facilities are Ideal for DACTrak

DACTrak provides convenience and ease of use when it comes to getting a facility accessibility survey. For any facility that needs an accessibility survey DACTrak is clearly the best choice.

  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations
  • Stores
  • Strip malls
  • Parks
  • Banks
  • Wineries
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Parking structures
  • Any single story or multi story building


DACTrak Reports Accessibility Deficiencies on All Facility Features

Although not comprehensive, the list below contains some of the common elements that are inspected using DACTrak.

  • Parking lots
    • Parking spaces
    • Parking warning signage
  • Passenger loading zones
  • Paths of travel
    • Walking surfaces
    • Vehicular traffic
    • Protruding objects
    • Grates
    • Drop offs
    • Vertical hazards
    • Clear floor spaces
  • Curb ramps
    • Curb ramp landings
  • Doors
    • Door hardware
    • Door threshold
    • Push/pull clearances
    • Door signage
  • Ramps
    • Ramp landings
    • Ramp handrails
  • Stairs
    • Stair landings
    • Stair handrails
    • Stair signage
  • Food Service
    • Tables and seating
    • Cashier counters
    • Condiment tables or counters
    • Beverage stations
    • Service lines
    • Vending machines
  • Counters
  • Telephones/TTY
  • Emergency warning systems
  • Restrooms
    • Sinks and lavatories
    • Mirrors
    • Urinals
    • Toilet tissue dispensers
    • Soap dispensers
    • Hand towel dispensers
    • Toilet compartments
  • Alarms
  • ATMs
  • Truncated domes and detectable warnings
  • Drinking fountains
  • Fuel dispensers
  • Card readers
Facility Survey Report

Our Accessibility Survey Report provides much more than just listing items that are out of compliance. Knowing how to bring the item into compliance is important. Knowing which requirement you must meet (federal, state or other) is another important factor. Add the ability to have estimated and actual cost for each item and you begin to have a real plan you can work with.

Compliance Management

Management of ComplianceTracking your compliance has never been easier. With our management tools you can create a budget, track costs, set progress, add dates of estimated and actual completion, organize contractors and architects, make unlimited notes, view photos, print reports and much more.