DACTrak Reports

Who should have a report?

DAC recommends that every business, corporation and public entity begin with an accessibility survey report. The accessibility survey report consists of deficiencies or items that are not within compliant regulations. Items or elements that do not meet minimum specifications for requirements of compliance are recorded, and compiled into a report. This is often referred to as a Barrier Removal or Transition Plan. The DACTrak report can assist in risk management for compliance measurement assessments.

What is in a report?

Our accessibility survey report provides much more than just listing items that are out of compliance. Knowing how to bring the item into compliance is important. Knowing which requirement to meet (federal, state or other) is another important factor. Add the ability to have estimated and actual cost for each item and you begin to have a real plan you can work with.

Each item includes photos and descriptions, findings and recommendations, costs, citations and regulation references, progress levels, priority, completion dates and all customer notes. Add the compliance tracking and reporting features of our electronic programs and your set for an easy, organized method to achieve your goals.

Customized reporting is always available at your fingertips. You create the report from one of several pre-defined styles with just a click of a button.

Our reports are sorted according to the recommended federal priority levels. The federal priority suggests that you start from the point of entry to your site. This point may be from the public transit stop or the sidewalk next to the street. The next logical step then is parking and access to the entrance of the facility. Once you have a barrier free path to this point the next item to consider is the paths to services you provide such as the path of travel to the front desk or restrooms.

You are not restricted to the federal level of priority. From our products you may set your own priorities and put those trouble spots at the top of the list. With our DACTrak technology, you are in control.

View a sample report Globe to Sample Report

To view some of the multiple ways to see report information, take a look at a sample report or web reports and see the difference. DAC makes it easy to view, understand, plan and manage your entire compliance process.

Extend DACTrak Reports with Compliance Management Globe to Compliance Management

Now that you have your accessibility survey it is important to show progress. No matter what your needs, we have a management program that makes your progress tracking simple.